Best Packaged Soup EVER

I’m not a fan of tinned and packet soups. Usually they’re so full of sugar, salt and artificial flavourings as to be pointless (might as well eat a packet of chips). Or they’re just plain BLAHHHHH.


I found me some new soup.

This is not a paid post, k? Sadly, I won’t even get any free soup out of it. But this is a damn good product, and I want others to try it so it doesn’t disappear from supermarket shelves like most things I adore.

La Zuppa soups are vegan, mostly vegetable, very low-fat and low-cal, and yet damn tasty. Seriously.

I discovered these on a rare foray into the soup section of Coles a couple of months back. And I’m hooked. I’ve only tried three – the Tuscan Bean was nice, but the Cauliflower and Pea was surprisingly awesome. As was the Pumpkin. And in my neck of the woods, they’re under $4 each, and big enough for lunch. Yum. Add to that the convenient microwave bowl, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Read a bit more about them here.

5 Responses

  1. THANKYOU!!!!! I usually have bugger all option in the quick and easy soup versions.

    I shall search those out.

  2. Anja – I hope you enjoy them. It’s so nice to have something nice and easy to eat on the run… not to mention healthy!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I shall check it out next time I am in the supermarket.

  4. Those soups are really packaged very nicely, I’ll have to check them out. At the moment the weather is terrible – perfect for warming soup! 😀

  5. I hate packaged soup, but I am too lazy to make it myself.

    I think I love you. Will try and find them next time I am out!

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