Day off today.


Damn I’ve been needing this.

Bubba Boy has had an ear infection. Needless to say, he hasn’t been happy. Especially at nights. But at least Mummy picked it up and sent him off to the doctor with Daddy… who told Daddy that he can’t have an ear infection because blah blah flick test blah… then took it all back once he looked in Bubba Boy’s ear. Man I’m good.

So I’m drinking coffee and trying to unwind from a week of near-hell. And I’m contemplating shoes.

Lemme point out that I’m not overly shoe-obsessed. I need about 5 pairs in my wardrobe – maybe 6, and a pair of thongs – to be content. But at the moment, at the tail-end of about 3 years of no money, my shoe situation is kinda grim. I keep wanting to wear winter skirts… but I have no shoes-that look-OK-with-skirts. Sandals, yes. But then my feet would fall off. So I wandered over to DJs in the company of a work colleague (bad influence). And we looked at shoes. And I found the perfect pair for $80. But that’s too much money right now. So I left them. And now I’m wondering whether DJs do layby on sale stock. Cos I WANT me them shoes.


3 Responses

  1. ask em.

    Can’t hurt to ask.

    🙂 Hope they do.

  2. Fingers crossed for you that they do!
    Hope you’re enjoying the sleep, those ear-infection-sleep-depriving-nights are a painful bitch!

  3. Thanks Bettina and Jayne 🙂

    Sadly, they don’t do layby on sale items. So I bought them anyway. *sigh* I feel bad, in a sense, but… dammit, I can’t wear the big boots everywhere and with everything. And finding another pair similar later = exercise in frustration.

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