Dear God, aren’t babies supposed to sleep through the night by 18 months? 😀

In all fairness, Bubba Boy has been sleeping through the night for around a year. Except when he has an ear infection or – other joy of joys – wind in his bowels. Sigh. He’s prone to it, poor lil fella. And I think I have the suspect in my sights. Lentils. Damn, what’ll I feed him if I can’t feed him lentils?? GAHHHH.

So anyway, I just woke up and damn I’m tired. But I have coffee. That whole giving-up-coffee thing has gone flying out the window for now. Duh.

10 Responses

  1. :: hands over coffee and chocolate ::

    Hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. Ta, Marita 🙂 Eurgh – he got sent home from childcare with a temperature and hacking cough. But he’s in bed and quiet atm. Methinks I’ll just stay up and play Civ4 tonight instead of trying to sleep!

  3. I gave up diet coke (my source of caffeine) for two weeks, but am back on it too!

  4. I gave up caffeinne for a month once…i dont think ill be repeating that effort EVER again

  5. peppermint drops for the wind hon.

    hope he’s better soon and you get some better sleep.


  6. Hugs, Hope the widdle fella is feeling better soon.

  7. ((hugs)) to you and Bubba Boy, hope you’re both on top of the world again soon.
    Try and have a sleep in the day with him, might help you catch up.

  8. PlanningQueen – it’s harder than it sounds. There should be rehab clinics.

    Brettles – MWAH. Sent you an email, hope you got it this time. Never give up caffeine if that’s all that’s keeping your body going 😛

    Bettina – tried allllll the remedies. Sadly they’re all aimed at fixing wind-without-a-cause (fair, I guess) and don’t work too well for bowel-wind-cause-I-can’t-digst-this! On the bright side, it probably wasn’t wind. I just assumed that because it usually is, and he farted a couple of times 🙂

    WS – thanks love. He is. Now all we need is ME feeling better 😀

    Jayne – slept til 2 today. Hopefully it’ll help! Cos I feel majorly wasted.

  9. poor little fella getting woken up by his own stuck farts.

  10. Dok – yeah, life sucks when you can’t just fart in your sleep like normal people 😉

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