Musical Monday

Bubba Boy has demanded that Musical Monday be slightly more child-friendly.

In other words, he wants one of his favourites on here.

So here you are – one of Bubba Boy’s favourites. I’ll save his absolute all-time smile-creator for another week 😉

6 Responses

  1. That’s brilliant!

    REM and Monsters, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

    Great taste, Bubba Boy.

  2. That was so COOL!!


  3. LMAO
    Love this song, FB came trotting in and loved it,too 😉

  4. This is why I miss the Muppets. They did some great stuff like the video up above which appealed to both adults and kids. What TV shows can the whole family watch together today that all members of the family love?

  5. Anja – too right! Although he used to cry when the monsters started to 😛

    Bettina – ain’t it just?

    Jayne – I love the sudden mood changes, it’s a cack

    Riayn – Yeah, gotta agree with you there – altho apparently the Wiggles get some mummy’s hearts pumping. Go figure 😕

  6. LOVE IT !!!!!!

    A nice bouncy song !!!!

    Shiny happy song…

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