Bubba Boy is Better

… and Mumma is feeling crappier.


Just lack of sleep, nothing horrendous. I have this basic sleep-wake problem where if I go to sleep and am woken before my body’s ready, my legs go jelly-like and I’m very wobbly. Side-effect of the heart problem, I guess – no-one’s been able to give me another explanation, and it makes a certain sense. So if I know I’m likely to be woken up a few times in a night. I’ll tend to stay awake. Because then I can stay capable for a few more hours… and wake up in a few days time feeling like UTTER crap. SO that’s what I’ve been doing – about 4-5 hours sleep a night plus much coffee – and now I’m paying the inevitable exhaustion bill.

Blah again.

But the point is, I’m fine. Just very, very tired.


9 Responses

  1. Sleep deprivation can really suck. Here’s to a good nights sleep.

  2. BTW, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I appreciate it.

  3. Thanks, and welcome, Evyl 🙂 I decided to ditch the big long Aussie-bloggers one and replace it with a list of blogs I’m subscribed to. Seems sensible.

  4. argh. I’ve been very successfully avoiding updating my blogroll and now you have reminded me again lol

    Hope you get a good nights sleep again soon hugs

  5. Working shifts I know how crappy I feel with sleep deprivation and I don’t have heart issues. Take care, honey.

  6. ((hugs)) hope you get some solid sleep soon!

  7. I know what sleep deprivation is like too . Sending you strength an dhope in what I imagine has been a difficult time. Cranky and sleep deprived kids make mummy even more crappier.

  8. When ever I go through a patch like you’ve been through, I completley understand how they can use slep deprivation as a form of torture!

  9. tag! You’re it!

    Meme on my blog if you feel so inclined 🙂

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