Girl-Stuff Meme

So Bettina tagged me for this meme and she had been tagged by Widdle Shamrock who was tagged by Jayne, who was tagged by Jeanie who was tagged by Alison who was tagged by Megan who was tagged by Nunyaa who was … etc.

Dear God, Bettina loves to throw the cat amongst the chooks, doesn’t she? Tagging Anja and me for a meme like this… *snicker*

My Foundation:

Never wear the stuff. Bluck. Horrible invention. But I’ll admit that I inherited my mother’s skin gene, and have naturally good skin.

My Mascara:

Revlon. Used to go for black. Think I’ll try something lighter – once those eye-wrinkles start appearing, black eye makeup isn’t a good look (in my VERY humble opinion).

My Day Cream:

My what now? Moisturiser? If in desperate need, a tiny dab of coconut oil. Other than that – adequate hydration from the inside (aka drinking water).

My Essential Beauty Product:

Coconut oil. Love the stuff. I’ll slather it on from foot to shoulder after a shower if I need a boost. The smell reminds me of summer on the beach.

My Favourite Makeup Product:

I’m gonna go with Bettina here – hair dye all the way. I loves me my hair dye. I feel boring and blah when I can’t dye my hair. At the moment it’s black with blue-green streaks.

My Perfume:

I don’t have one at the moment! Thanks to the great poverty period. But my last was from Lush. My next one will be self-mixed essential oils – spicy and maybe a little fruity. Doesn’t that describe me perfectly?

My Nails:

Short. Trimmed neatly. Occasionally buffed to a shine. Very rarely, I’ll add nail polish. The last colour was bright orange. I think maybe the next will be dark blue.

My Hands:

Occasionally slathered in coconut oil. That’s about all the care they need. I don’t tend to use harsh chemicals, even our laundry and dishwashing detergents are environmentally- and skin-friendly.

My feet:

I have this nifty little battery-operated angle grinder for use with my feet. Well, OK, not exactly an angle grinder, but it’s like a cross between pumice stone and an electric toothbrush. Wonderful for getting rid of unsightly bits of over-tough skin. Other than that… coconut oil!!

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:

Coconut oil (or are there coconut palms on this island already?)



Women I admire for their beauty:

Pink Alyson Hannigan Joan Jett

Love those gals 🙂

Women with the Best Sense of Style:

Mmmm… this is a hard one. Let’s just leave it at the gals above – they each have a ‘style’ all their own, even if Pink did borrow some of hers from people like Joan Jett… 😛

My Ultimate Dream:

Whoops, are we still in ‘beauty’ stuff here? Cos I don’t have many beauty-related dreams.

Otherwise… ummm… living on an island, writing fiction and interesting non-fiction. World-famous, but not particularly in the spotlight. Although doubtless there’ll be an occasional media outcry over my cellulite.

How Do I Define Womanhood:

I was saying to a friend at work the other day that I wouldn’t want to be a man for anything. In this day and age, being a woman encompasses, to me, a level of freedom that manhood doesn’t. Yet. Women can do damn near anything, and society in general just shuts up and watches. Except for occasional bitchy comments about cellulite and fat.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:

Umm. Errr.


I do wander around websites now and then. Does that count? Myer, David Jones, David Lawrence, Beachley Athletic (worth a look), etc. Very occasionally, a Cosmo – but I resent paying for a bunch of ads with occasional articles interspersed.

And I’m going to tag…..

EVYL. Cos I wanna see what he’ll say. *snicker*


16 Responses

  1. Bahahaha… you tagged Evyl. I can’t wait for this.

    Btw, I think your hair colour sounds fantastic.

  2. Eventhough I generelly do not do tags, I will play around with this one. Just for you.

  3. Anja – thanks 🙂

    Evyl, you’re a sweetie 🙂

  4. I love reading these memes. Women are so fantastically different. I am especially loving a theme of a more natural beauty vs store bought pretend beauty coming through loud and clear.
    Have green thumb stumbled you.

  5. Imaginif – thanks! 🙂 I don’t know that store-bought is ‘pretend’ as such… but natural smells better 😀

  6. LOL, love your choice of tag 😛
    We wanna see a pic of your hair, it sounds awesome! 😀

  7. Jayne – I keep meaning to take a photo. Cos I’ve got different glasses and all to the old photo in my avatar!

  8. After reading about some people’s chooks I think I’d be too worried about the cat being attacked to throw it near them let alone among them lol

    And yeah! Where are the pics of your hair!

    OOooo coconut oil………… may have to try that.

  9. Yeah, love the hair colour choice. Girl I know has that, very cool.

  10. Bettina – I guess it depends on the cat *lol*

    WS – yeah, it’s one of the classic colour combos. One of these days I’ll have to dye me another rainbow!

  11. […] On the origins of the Manly Meme The most recent Manly Meme was pilfered, as mentioned, from Evyl, our friendly neighborhood corrections officer with a keen wit and fondness for bawdy humor, but it was a modification on a Girly Meme from Naomi. […]

  12. How’d I know Willow would be on that list… 🙂

    (As an aside – can you tell me where you get your coconut oil from. I want it for various nefarious pursuits… heheheheh).

  13. Sasch – *snicker* What can I say, Evil Willow REALLY does it for me…

    Coconut oil… I think the last lot might’ve been from Fundies, or maybe Healthy Life? I only buy it once a year or so, lasts for ages.

  14. Okay Naomi,

    I just couldn’t resist quick peak at the ‘girl stuff meme’. Unbelievable – You made me smile (but in a good way). You are definitely female.

    Thank God for women.


    I’m still smiling.

  15. This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the braun electric toothbrush

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