Nuthin’ Much to Offer

I’ve been sitting here looking at a blank post page and wondering what to type.

Strangely enough, I’m out of material. Write down the date and time, folks, this may never happen again!

I’m relatively awake – I think I’ve partially caught up on sleep. I’m not at work (day off! w00t!).

But my brain’s decided that it’s done enough this week. SIgh. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go do some baking and come back later with a brilliant story of baking gone perfectly. *snort* Cos that happens so damn often! OK, brain just tried to spell ‘often’ with an a. I think it’s definitely trying to give me a hint. If I work out what, I’ll let you know.

5 Responses

  1. Baking?!
    Where’s them triple chocolate chip chocolate dipped chocolate bikkies, then?
    Waddaya mean “those aren’t what you were going to bake” ?!!! 😛

  2. I’ll have some of what Jayne’s having 😉 lol

  3. I finally screwed up your tag. And what cha bakin’. I could go for a peach cobbler.

  4. Has everyone’s brain gone to shit? I know mine has.

  5. Jayne – actually I bought those from Coles. Well, quadruple-choc bikkies. Naughtiest damn things you ever saw – dark, milk and white choc chips in chocolate biscuit, with a chocolate-dipped base. Not sure whether to drool or run screaming.

    Bettina – yeah, I think her idea was tastier than mine *lol*

    Evyl – thanks babe. You did swell. I baked a streusel cake – does a peach cobbler have a crumble topping? If so, it’s close…? 🙂

    Anja – at least I have an excuse, dammit! You young uns, no staying power! 😉

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