Look What They’ve Done To My Meme, Ma!

Look what they’ve done to my meme, Ma
Look what they’ve done to my meme
Well it’s the only thing I could write half right
And they’ve made it sound all wrong, Ma
Look what they’ve done to my meme

OK, so you’ve finally discovered that I’m not actually all sweetness and light after all. Or if you haven’t, you’re about to. I took a nice little meme about girly beauty secrets and tips, and I used it for my own amusement. Evyl was obliging enough to play along. Wanna see the results? (bet you do)

Evyl’s Manly Stuff Meme

Doktor Holocaust joins the fun

If you’re the original writer of this meme… errrr… chances are you’re staring in horror at the testosterone-laden frankenstein’s monster that it’s become. Ummm… whoops? *snicker*


7 Responses

  1. Glad to see that you are taking my screwing up the meme in stride.

  2. It was screwed as soon as Bettina sent it to me – the only question was HOW… 😛

  3. Oh very very very good 😉

  4. what did you think would happen when you tagged a manly man like Evyl with a buncha questions about cosmetics? He doesn’t strike me as a day-cream and mascara kinda guy, yanno, and as for me… well… making sure I put my skivvies on before my trousers (but after the protective aluminum shielding) is about all I can manage, and not always on the first try.

  5. damn, now I have MORE blogs to read!

  6. Dok – LOL. I can almost imagine Evyl in black liner and mascara… 😛

    Kelley – Yeah, life sucks, eh? *snicker*

  7. *snigger* I’m so glad you tagged Evyl. It cracked me up. 🙂

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