Uh Oh

Do you ever realise, too late, that you could’ve thought something through a whoooooole lot better before doing it?

I just put a new story up on Nomesque Fiction. It’s something that occurred to me late last night (around midnight) after I’d been helping hubby with a powerpoint presentation for TAFE. So I got up and wrote it down, because otherwise it’d bug me til I fell asleep and then all I’d remember in the morning was that I had a chance at genius and muffed it. If I write the stuff down, then I can read it in the morning and know that genius is safe somewhere over the other side of the world.

But after publishing it, I realised that a story about sticking a pen up one’s arse is bound to generate me some FUN spam. Dammit. I do NOT need more sex spam. So I looked at the spam comments, and was surprised at just how fast they’d managed to work. Lesbian porn, gay porn, etc etc. Then I looked at the dates – huh. All dated days ago. They must’ve seen the ‘fairy’ tag and jumped to the wrong conclusion days ago. So I was already getting that stuff. There ya go.


4 Responses

  1. I must go check it out. There is not much that I enjoy more than a good junk up the trunk story. As long as it is not my trunk.

  2. I can’t work out what I wrote that bought it on. but last week I received my first batch of such spam. Thankfully it has stopped now.

  3. wooot! The spam will hit from this later in the week to be sure, to be sure

  4. Evyl – hope it delivered 🙂

    PQ – Pain in the arse stuff, isn’t it?

    Bettina – no helping it along, thanks! *stern look* 😀

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