eBay/PayPal Update

A couple of months ago I had a hissy fit about eBay’s plans to make PayPal THE mandatory payment method for everything but Cash on Delivery/Payment on Pickup auctions. They’re still in my bad books.

The ACCC now looks set to impose a change in policy upon eBay. And while I’m kinda glad to see sense prevail, I’m a little sad, too. I was looking forward to watching eBay crash and burn when half of its sellers went elsewhere.

Not that the PayPal-only scheme was THAT bad an idea in some ways. It’s just that eBay implemented it all wrong, the doofuses. They focused on making more money for eBay, forgetting that they needed to be focusing on making more money for their sellers too. Hopefully this will cost them, substantially, and wake their asses up a little.


7 Responses

  1. I still think it sucks.

    Now I’m going to be double handling all my money to buy from ebay. sigh

  2. Oztion is looking fairly good, Bettina… haven’t gotten around to BUYING anything on it yet, though. Will update on here when I do.

  3. I did the runner. Packed my port and piddled off to Oztions, after many loyal ebay years. I did not know the news about the ACCC – but like you, was interested to see ebay get their druthers.

  4. Rhubarb – welcome! 🙂 So how are you finding Oztion(s)?

  5. Waiting to hear how Oztions works out – I’ve spurned eBay since the announcement.
    Heard about the ACCC but the bitter taste is still there, hmph 😛

  6. Jayne – yup, I understand the bitter taste thing, alright! 🙂 I’m hoping to get to buying a few items next month, will see how it goes.

  7. Not sure yet, I’ll let you know in a fortnight 🙂

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