This Is The Story That Never Ends…

I think maybe THAT distinction can go to my Life in a Fairytale series… but damn this Fiction Blogger story is spawning AND going in a bloody weird direction. Although looking forward has at least given me a few giggles 😀 Thankfully. Because it’s pretty bloody boring so far. Hopefully someone’s sticking with it regardless, because I just posted the latest update – Caught. Typed up from handwritten notes (“oooh how retro!” I hear you say) jotted down while waiting for the train yesterday.

If you have no idea what the hell I’m on about – I write fiction in my spare time. Then I post it on Nomesque Fiction. My latest short stories (apart from the one-off (I hope) story about a man sticking a pen up his arse) are about a woman who makes a living from writing fictional blogs – but no-one knows they’re fictional. Until she gets caught, of course.

Talking of retro – the other day I got in a lift with some teens. One of them was listening – loudly of course – to his mp3 player. So I could clearly hear that he was listening to Violent Femmes’ Blister in the Sun. Ye gads!

“That’s some vintage music you’ve got there!” I couldn’t help shouting at him.

“Yeah, the Femmes – you like them?”

“Love ’em!” I said, and walked out of the lift feeling cool. For a couple of minutes. Then I realised that no-one says ‘cool’ anymore.


5 Responses

  1. no they say ‘sic’ or somesuch stupid word lol

  2. Feral Queen says something is wicked…well,she did until a few days ago, the trend could have changed by now 😛

  3. Bettina – i guess in THEORY, it’s no stupider than ‘cool’ 🙂

    Jayne – wicked. i can live with that 😛

  4. HA! Blister in the Sun is my mobile phone ringtone, and has been for like, AGES!

  5. LOL Suze! It IS a great song.

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