Very Personal Opinions Meme

I thought this up on the way to the train station the other morning. Why? Good question. I think it might’ve had something to do with Evyl, and not having had brekky. Meh.

My opinion on –

Body piercings:

Too much effort. Yup, I’m a lazy sod.

Genital piercings:

That’s gotta feel better than it looks, right? Cos it looks bloody painful. But I still cringe.



Best place for a tattoo:

Arm. Because people think you’re a bit sluttish if you pull down your pants to show off your cool tattoo.

Body modification:

Oh. My. God. Discovered it months ago and still not sure whether to be intrigued or weirded out. I love the Lizard Man –

Flavoured condoms:

Yuck. Gross. Just… why the hell? Coloured, ribbed, studded, glow in the dark… all these things I can understand. But flavoured… nasty. Just plain nasty.

Skinny jeans:

Ahhh, takes me back to the early 90s. I love me a (slim) man in skinny jeans. But here’s a tip, men – if you’ve got an enormous gut, don’t wear skinny jeans. Makes you look like a non-edible Paddle Pop (icecream on a stick, non-Aussies).

G-strings/thongs (not the footwear):

Ahhhh… love em. Especially the non-elasticated organic ones I discovered recently. They allow me a bit of flab without making it flub unattractively. Because nobody likes flubby flab. Tip for women: I thought this was obvious, but apparently not – don’t wear these things if they cut into your flab and give you flubber-rolls. Flubber rolls are NOT attractive. Neither, for that matter, are muffin tops. Let your flab sit where your body stuck it. Attempts to fit into clothing smaller than you will NOT improve your look.

High heels:

Nice for a formal occasion. Pain in the arse (literally, if they provoke sciatica) at other times. And the things they do to people’s feet longterm… eurgh.

Sex with socks on:

Meh. As long as the socks are on the feet, no worries.

Bert Newton:

Oh dear god. Why the hell did he come to mind straight after ‘socks with sex on’?? I mean… oh stuff it. Once Bert Newton turns up, I’m outta here. Cos he is too scary.


I tag:


Evyl (even though a third meme this soon might just drive him over the edge – feel free to ignore it, dude)

Dok Holocaust

Have fun 🙂


11 Responses

  1. Good grief!
    Sex with socks on and then Bert ??!
    You’re having a relapse, you haven’t had enough sleep Naomi!
    Quick, go have a lie down and think nice, juicy thoughts about scrumptious firemen or some such….

  2. Although I find a one inch string of fabric tucked between a gal’s ass-cheeks the epitome of sexiness, Whaletails frankly freak me out a bit.

    I’ll get to it soon.

  3. lol

    good questions. However I now fear that I am boring lol

  4. Jayne – I think that Bert flash has ruined sex for me for a few days 😛

    Evyl – whaletail???

    Bettina – boring on the outside maybe – MAYBE – but on the inside? HA, never!

  5. Not sure who is scarier – Bert Newton or Lizard man!

  6. definitely Bert. i’d be happy to let Lizard Man into my home!

  7. I accept your tag!

  8. Re G-strings/thongs–At last somebody who agrees with me! If your butt is a size 16, then buy jeans in size 16, not size 12.

  9. my girlfriend is very skinny that is why she likes skinny jeans and tight fitting trousers ~

  10. sometimes skinny jeans are not comfortable to wear, i would always prefer to use loos jeans -“.

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