Killing Bunnies

A few Christmases ago, Hubby was given a game by my parents. They’d been a bit unsure what to get him, so took the advice of my littlest brother. BWAHAHAHA.

The game is called Killer Bunnies (and the Quest for the Magic Carrot), and it’s a bit of a cult phenomenon. Because it’s damn funny, and it’s addictive, and you get to blast poor little bunny wabbits in ways Elmer Fudd never imagined. Here’s a preview of some of the cards –

The purpose of the game sometimes fades into the background. Obtain carrot cards, as many as possible, and keep at least one bunny alive. At the end of the game, a random carrot is deemed the winner. If you have that carrot, and at least one live bunny, you win. But in the meantime, you attack bunnies, set loose ‘roaming red’ cards which cause havoc wherever they go, and make people cry.

And yes, I have made people cry while playing this game. Namely my son Bogan Boy, who still thinks I’m mean. Well duh.


9 Responses

  1. Do you get to take a meat cleaver to a Bunny? Ooooooooooooo that would make me smile.

  2. LMFAO
    Sounds like a great game!

  3. sounds like Anja’s kind of game 😉 lol

  4. if i had friends in town, i would SO make them play this game with me. at gunpoint, if necessary. we would also play INWO: SubGenius of course, and Magic: The Gathering, and I would use my ginormous 400 card playdeck full of zombies and demons.

    but alas, my friends live elsewhere, far beyond the range of any firepower a lone nut like me can secure no matter how much I try to bribe NORAD.

  5. Anja – yup 🙂 Well, some imagination required, but that’s OK There are also random bunny accidents, like being smothered in sauce and BBQ’d…

    Jayne – it is, and Bogan Boy (11yo) loves it too.

    Bettina – c’mon, admit it, you love the violence angle too… 😀

    Dok – damn, distance is a bitch! Ah well, guess there’s always MUDs and online RISK… 😀

  6. *sniggers* It’s meme time again. You’re tagged.

  7. I’ve lost too many friends to MUDs, and risk is over my head. Thankfully, there’s plain old video games, which will play with me even when my friends can’t.

  8. Quite frankly, whisks scare the hell out of me.

  9. Anja – wench!

    Dok – yeah, MUDs and risk have always been too involved for my liking. I’m contemplating developing an online version of Killer Bunnies. That’d be fun,if quickly squashed by the publishers *lol*

    Evyl – yeah, cooking implements are scary things.

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