Fever! In the Morning…

Well, the mystery virus is still with me. I woke up yesterday morning feeling OK-ish… then subsided into sleep and fever and aching everything. Darn. About midnight, last night, the fever lifted. I have dire suspicions that it’s just biding its time, but I’d love to be wrong. Because this thing is NASTY. Inflamed sinuses, bad headaches, digestive upset, fever… it’s like a goody bag of viral symptoms. On the bright side, though, my nose is running freely now (wish the rest of me was) … so I figure maybe the sinuses have calmed down a tad.


Thanks for all the well-wishes, folks. Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, soon. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. OMG. Hope you pick up soon. I did however warn you that there would be consequences for meme’ing me, didn’t I? 🙂


  2. as a Doktor, I prescribe lots of fluids and the strongest over-the-counter meds the law will allow, resorting to 12 year old scotch if nothing in the pharmacy has sufficient stopping power to keep you unconscious until your health returns.

  3. Suze – ye gads! Remind me never to piss you off again 😀

    Dok – the codeine is looking verrrrry tempting right now. Except it’d probably upset the digestive system _even more_… eurgh.

  4. Hot, steamy soup stuffs and hot, steamy eucalyptus oil to inhale.
    Plus a gallon of chocolate, sleep and tissues 😉

  5. Codeine is usually okay as long as you eat something first, at least half a sandwich, less or no irritation to the stomach that way. Sleep as much as you can, it seems to help.

  6. Get better soon. Looking forward to that bright eyed and bushytailed look.

  7. bleg!

    I hear ya.

  8. How’s ya feelin’ now babe??

  9. Jayne – ta, luv. I managed hot lemon and ONE cup of soup once I was well enough to make it myself.

    River – yeah, but it tends to clog me up. Which might have been good – but I have a deep distrust of medicines to side-effect the way I want! 😉

    Evyl – ta! I’m better. Just wanna get WELL now. Damn winter.

    Bettina – you been sick too? *hug*

    WS – better now thanks babe.

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