Musical Monday

Back to the old stuff… because I came across some classics the other day, and I love ’em.

I discovered Joan Jett a few years ago, way after the rest of the world. Wellll, I knew her stuff, I just didn’t realise she sang it! And I love her stuff. There’s something about upfront, self-respecting and occasionally raunchy rock chicks that I dig 😛

Here’s my first and always favourite Joan Jett:

Bad Reputation

And the second favourite:

Then the classic that everyone – everyone – knows:

There, was that fun? 🙂


5 Responses

  1. We used to sing “She loves f***ing frogs, put some more slime in the frog pond, baby!”
    Yeah, we had no life 😛

  2. rofl Jayne

    I would sing “I love alcohol, so put another Jim Beam in my glass there baby”

    But the words got munted towards the end of the night. lol.

    Neat Musical Monday, i didn’t know Joan sang Bad Reputation either. They play that on movies.

  3. See I knew about the bad reputation one 😛

    I remember singing ‘I love sausage rolls……….” but I can’t remember what the next bit was lmao !! 😆

  4. Jayne – dammit, I’m gonna be singing that every time I hear the song now. And it’ll be YOUR FAULT!

    WS – words got munted after much alcohol? Strange… 😛

    Bettina – the mind boggles. Or maybe I’ve been reading Evyl’s blog too much today.

  5. Glad to have been a bad influence on you, Naomi 😉 😛

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