Brain, Brain, Won’t You Help Me?


Seems my brain’s gone on holidays.

Wish it’d invited me. Because I could do with one about now.

Oh well. Such is life, eh?

There is a bright side. I finally managed to complete Caught, a story that’s been burdening my poor brain (probably half the reason it took off, actually) for weeks. And yes, the promised aliens finally make an appearance.

There was something else I was going to mention today… but whatever it was, it’s off with my brain having fun. Dammit.


8 Responses

  1. Ahhh!
    The aliens, having been outed from your grey matter, have absconded with your brain, their new abode 😛

  2. HA!

    Then I’ll be getting it back fast – won’t take them long to realise the condition it’s in. Draughty and tending to fall apart at the slightest THUD.

    Bahahaha… then I’ll sell them a nice lil condo in America – never been used.

  3. Off to read Caught.

    Aliens are responsible for alot don’t ya know?

    Love the new layout BTW.

  4. WS – Yup, apparently reptilian aliens are in control of everything – EVERYTHING. Especially ‘natural’ disasters. See Writer Chick’s expose for more information 😉

  5. LOL Naomi,
    Thanks for the shout out. Don’t those about the reptilian aliens just crack you up?

  6. WC – Love ’em. Although I hadn’t heard about them til AFTER I started writing about them. Spooky.

  7. Don’t feel bad. My brain goes on holiday on a daily basis.

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