Musical Monday

I do have more modern tastes – honest. But I seem to be struck with a nasty case of Aussie nostalgia lately. Oh well, such is life, right? So today I’m getting all misty-eyed over one of the great (in my HUMBLE opinion) Aussie pub bands – Cold Chisel. Except that only one of these songs is actually a Cold Chisel one – Working Class Man is a Jimmy Barnes’ (lead singer of Cold Chisel, for the non-Aussies) solo song.

So, here’s an old Aussie fave… the anthem of many a veteran of the Vietnam War:

Khe Sanh

(damn, check out Jimmy Barnes!!)

And the classic Aussie anthem:

Working Class Man

Now, no Musical Monday is truly complete without a parody, and this one’s a cracker *snicker*

Jimmy Barnes Fan

7 Responses

  1. Are you getting the urge to start chanting “Barnesy”

  2. I have the over-whelming urge to find my flannel shirt and rip the sleeves off it now…..

  3. Bahahaha…

    Yes. To both of you.

    Imagine me wearing a sleeveless flanno, chanting Barnesy and playing Chisel LOUD…

    At work.

  4. baaahaaahaaa

    don’t forget the uggies 😛

  5. LOL

    Seen Barnesy’s new pasta sauce ad? I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    (think I ended up laughing… but then I generally do when faced with THAT choice!)

  6. Ahh Cold Chisel. I miss them. My real favourite Aussie pub band was The Angels though. Ahh those were the days.

  7. I liked (like?) The Angels, too 🙂 They’re touring atm, aren’t they? Or did they never stop?

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