Busy Busy Busy

Life is a bit flat-out at the moment, so I don’t have another well-thought-out post for y’all. Although you might be glad to hear that, what with the swearing that ensued last time I started thinking 😛

About all I have to offer instead is the latest instalment in my science-fiction-y story about a duplicitous fiction blogger who got on the wrong side of an alien… Abducted follows her back to the alien’s secret lair.

And if amateur fiction isn’t your thing… well, you’re stuffed, aren’t you? Unless of course you have other blogs to visit 😛


5 Responses

  1. Pfft, just read us the back of a cornflakes packet, that’ll keep us out of mischief for all of 5 mins 😉 😛

  2. I sit and will accept any tidbits you have to throw our way oh wise wordsmith

  3. LOL

    That wasn’t MEANT to be offensive, dammit!

  4. LOL, I’ll have to be content reading google ads in sidears, then 😉

  5. Rhubarb – Damn, if I only had google ads on here! 😀

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