Wednesday Wisdom


13 Responses

  1. That should be tattooed on every new mother’s forehead 😉
    OK I’ll hold Nicole down and you can get started Naomi 😛

  2. Backwards, of course. Because otherwise they’ll be too exhausted to read it, and the kids’ll just take it as an excuse to be lazy… 🙂

    W00t! Tattooing opportunity!!! I’d love to be a tattoo artist. Except I don’t think my hands are steady enough. Dagnabbit.

  3. I love your nuggest of wisdom Naomi!!

  4. Bettina – if only I’d just follow them myself…

  5. What if you have junior super powers? Can I try then? 😉

  6. Annie – I think that’s reason to try at least ALMOST everything… 😉 Wanna come and try over at my place?

  7. That’s my excuse for doing nothing. AT all. Whenever possible 🙂

  8. Suze – Good call. If you can’t beat them into a pulp, just laze around with a good book.

  9. I thought I had Superpowers once…..

    Still trying to be human 😉

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it….

    There’s Klingons on the starboard side……

  10. I needed to read this … my husband bought me wonder woman pj’s for my birthday but I returned them LOL as if !

  11. what if I DO have superpowers, but lame ones that are nearly useless, and a burning desire to do NOTHING?

  12. Do I have to wear my underwear on the outside?

  13. WS – yeah, it sucks when you suddenly realise that ‘making really fast smart-ass comebacks’ isn’t really a superpower, eh? 😉

    Trish – wonder woman PJs! The mind boggles. Gold bra-PJ-top???

    Dok – clearly your superpowers have empowered you to do virtually nothing while accomplishing something. Nice one 😉

    Anja – only if it’s a lacy g-string. Then definitely. With photos!

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