Grouchy Bum

That’s me.

I’m over-tired, undernourished, and grouchy as all hell. Hubby went off to work carrying his head under his arm, after having it bitten off by yours truly.

I think I should go and sleep or something.


8 Responses

  1. hugs.

    sleep, chocolate and a decent meal.

    Hope you are more yourself again soon.

  2. Hubby still has his head. At least you didn’t drop kick it over the back fence. Get some rest.

  3. Play the tequila game…one tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor!
    You’ll be snoozing like a baby in no time 😉

  4. Eat something, take a shot of tequila, and sleep well.

  5. Have some food, chill out, and have a sleep. Hope you are feeling yourself (so to speak) soon.

  6. Well my back is killing me and i haven’t slept… but have eaten and feeling MUCH better. Considering watching neighbours to induce sleepiness.

  7. try watching golf. I don’t know how progressive austrialian television is in general, but I doubt they have reached an enlightened state of failing to televise the most boring sport in existence.

  8. Dok – good call. But they do, in their mercy, usually only play it during the day – to help parents get their children to sleep so the parents can watch Days of Our Lives, I guess.

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