The Things People Search For

When I titled a story ‘There’s an Alien Inside Me’, I wondered.

Then I thought, “Nah, surely not!”

Then I looked at my stats. And sure enough, people have found my fiction blog using the phrase “alien inside me“. What the hell? Is this a band or something? I do NOT want to search to try and find out. Because God knows what I’d find in that sort of search. There are some types of innocence I would like to keep. For now.

I overheated a few fingers while getting scones out of the oven. I guess I should wander off now and google “burned fingers can I still have sex?


6 Responses

  1. Because it’s such a common, daily occurrence every 2nd person has an alien inside them….sensible people call it the inner psyche but others are certain it’s the mother ship attempting to communicate 😛

  2. I might have an alien inside me?

    Well that certainly explains somethings………………..

    And yes. You can still have sex with burnt fingers.

  3. Jayne – suddenly it all makes sense

    Bettina – good to know. Google couldn’t tell me, so I was abstaining just in case.

  4. Only one alien ???

    I have more than one…. that’s why I am so big you know…..

    Sex with burnt fingers is okay as long as you haven’t blistered. (Imagine if the blister popped in all the excitement, not cutie cutie)

  5. WS – multiple aliens! That must be tiring 😉 No blistering sex. Right.

  6. no the sex can be blistering (preferably) as long as your fingers aren’t blistered 😛

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