Outta Here

Once again, work’s a little flat out. So no decent posts from me til later in the week… if I don’t just sleep for the rest of it. Tempting, I tells ya!

MWAH. Take care, and don’t get into too much trouble. Coven trio, I’m looking at YOU! 😀


8 Responses

  1. Ahhh and here we thought you were getting up to mischief!
    Damn, there goes the gossip over coffee now 😛
    Have a good one 😉

  2. I’m with Jayne. I totally thought you’d be up to no good. Anyway, have a good week 🙂

  3. *adjusts here halo*

    What? You think we spend all out time plotting mischeif or something? 😛

  4. grrrr

    her not here


    no spelling here today

  5. And she looks at the Coven ?????

    As though we would misbehave…. hmph.

  6. I am conserving my energy for when I hit Sydney …… lol.

  7. Am thinking… If anyone is following the Alien abduction storyline……

    And now Nomes is “busy with work” I am thinking more art imitating life….. Life imitating art…… or something like that.

    K, I have to say it… I think Nomes is having an alien baby….. hence her disappearance.

  8. Jayne – sorry to disappoint! 😉

    Suze – ta, luv.

    Bettina – *snicker*

    WS – No! Am not, where did you GET such a crazy idea??

    Scuse me, off to chuck up. Damn morni- umm, off to sleep, I mean.

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