Cripes, Mate!

I walked to the train station last night through relatively heavy rain – I didn’t have an umbrella (didn’t realise it was raining when I left) but was wearing a waterproof coat. So I got on the train, and as I was standing in the aisle removing said (dripping) coat before I sat down, someone asked me,

“Is it raining outside?”

Nah. I just found an illegal sprinkler and danced under it for a few minutes.


5 Responses

  1. Bahahahaha….. Did you say it, or just think it ??

    Please tell me you said it, what with those raging alien hormones and all…

  2. LOL! Some people are clueless. In the car this morning, there was an advert where a woman said “They’re having a 50% off sale on all silver jewellry!” and another woman replies “Silver bracelets? Silver rings?” Uh, she just said ALL silver jewellry, you dumbass! 😛

  3. good response: “no, my sweat glands were mutated by gamma radiation. you may want to stand back a bit”

  4. Kike people who look at you on a 42 c day, fan themselves and say “Isn’t it Hot!”. Derrrrrr

  5. Damn, Naomi, your addiction to illegal sprinklers will get you into strife one day 😛

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