An RPG for the Rest of Us

Some people love RPGs (Role-Playing Games). This I know. And I can see the appeal, honestly. It’s just that I have a short attention span, a bad memory, and a short-term kinda imagination. And so RPGs have just never worked for me.


Like the title of this post says, now there’s an RPG for the rest of us. The easily-bored. The small-concentration-spanned. The dim-witted.

Written by one of the biggest names in RPG-ish stuff, Steve Jackson, is the card game Munchkin. It’s fast-paced. It’s witty. And it’s a truckload of fun. Lemme show you one of the cards:

Did I mention silly??

Cost: Around $35

Play time: 1-2 hours (depending on how long people take to have their turns – if you’re playing with my husband, double it)

Expansion opportunities: Ridiculously abundant. Several expansion packs PLUS different Munchkin flavours which can be combined for yet more heady game-playing fun.

Kid-safe?: Mostly. As long as you don’t mind your children giggling at chopping people’s heads off. Obviously if they’re young enough to mostly want to eat the cards, you might want to make another player hold them (bahahahaha).


3 Responses

  1. That looks cool

  2. I love Munchkin! It is such a fun game.

  3. WS – Tis. Very.

    Riayn – have you played it much? expansions, flavours?

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