Blah Humbug

Today is dedicated to comforting a sick Bubba Boy and entertaining a technophiliac Bogan Boy with violent card games. Because I’m such a GOOD mother.


Yesterday, after plonking Bubba Boy in bed and Bogan Boy in front of Civ4 (computer game), I sat down to type out a single sentence which had been bothering me all morning. A few minutes later, a story had emerged. It’s about a bloke named Pete, a gal named Wendy, and a drug dealing gang known as the Damn Yankees. Not really my usual material, eh? So if it sounds interesting, wander over to Nomesque Fiction to read Wendy. It’s Part 1 of what could be a lonnnnnng series. You know what I’m like.

Edited to Add: But wait, there’s more!

Early this morning (don’t ask – just don’t ask) I did something a little unusual. No, not that, you filthy-minded pervert! If you’re a Sally & Lana fan, head over to Fiction Blogger and check out what Sally has to say about this whole mess.


2 Responses

  1. ROFLMFAO @ Fiction Blogger.
    That is BRILLIANT!

    I enjoyed the first part of Wendy, now MORE pretty please! 😛

  2. Thanks Jayne 🙂 It’s not a particularly new concept, but I had inspiration so decided to go with it. Glad you’re enjoying 😀

    More coming on the Pete and Wendy scene tomorrow.

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