If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, chances are that you’ve noticed I like to write fiction. 😉 OK, ‘like’ is maybe a bit of an understatement… for the last year or so it’s been more like a constant obsession. Probably fueled by an incapacity to do much else!

My post title is ‘Wowsers’ because the relatively quiet launch of Fiction Blogger (a blog written by one of my fictional characters) has generated a surprisingly high number of visits to both it and Nomesque Fiction. Thanks mostly, I must say, to the lovely Jayne, who has been a consistent supporter of Nomesque Fiction and was tickled pink to discover Sally’s blog 😀

I’m stoked at the number of visitors (and at least 2 subscribed!!) because I’m consistently unsure and critical of my fiction work. I write it because I enjoy writing fun stuff, and I publish it because it seems to keep the creative flow going to know someone’s reading it – but I’m all too aware of my lack of writing expertise at times. So it’s nice to see that at least a few people are finding it readable and enjoyable. W0000000000oooo000t!

Oh, btw – Musical Mondays are undergoing some technical problems atm. Namely, the fact that Virgin Broadband is a pile of shit, and I’m STILL restricted to dialup-ish speeds not because I overused the internet, but because their product sucks.


2 Responses

  1. “lack of writing expertise” my arse, Naomi!
    You write stories that are clever, entertain others and make us come back for more.
    If that’s enough for your readers, it’s all you need 😉
    This song is great for Sally –
    <a href=””<The Ultimate Showdown

  2. 🙂 Thanks, Jayne *MWAH*

    Ohh that clip is hilarious – sent it to a friend at work yesterday and she was trying desperately to laugh _quietly_… *snicker*

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