Trains provide a great opportunity to people-watch, and to be watched. And to interact with your fellow public transportees. Especially on the train to Ipswich, where the people and the opportunities are even more varied. Sometimes not in a good way.

This afternoon, I sat down and feasted my eyes on a gorgeous dark-skinned woman. I was looking at her hair (braided), her books (indigenous studies?) and wondering about her genetic heritage. Part African, part indigenous, I guessed. Then she looked straight at me, and I smiled – safer than the oh-crap-I-got-caught-staring eye-flick.* Then I looked away, a little embarrassed that I’d been caught.

I leant back and closed my eyes.

Not so much because I thought sleeping on the train was a smart move, but because I was facing the aisle and the guy sitting opposite me was in the classic male ‘crotch display’ sprawl, with the occasional cupping for emphasis. I wasn’t keen on getting an accidental eyeful of his (probably stuffed) package. It didn’t help that I found him extremely unattractive. But I also found him a little unnerving (crotch notwithstanding). I puzzled over this for a while. Why on earth would I think ‘menacing’ and ‘creepy’ within a minute of seeing him? Then I clicked. Unlike my conscious mind, my subconscious tends to work. He was wearing gold shoes. With velcro. Eurgh. Truly scary. When he got off, I checked that he’d taken his plastic bag with him. He looked that menacing.

* Almost always, anyhow. Sometimes it can be somewhat dangerous. Like the time I was sitting on a train (again), looking at this stunningly gorgeous female. She had a clear complexion, heart-shaped face, green eyes and beautifully-dyed red hair with blonde undertones, arranged perfectly. I was thinking that a male friend of mine would howl at the moon with one look at her. She was JUST his type. She must’ve noticed me looking, because she gave me her phone number and an “I’d like to get to know you” when she got off. I honestly hope she wasn’t distraught that I never called her. I didn’t think, “I was scoping you out for a mate of mine” would really cut it. 😦


2 Responses

  1. Eww I know what you mean with creepy, scary dudes. Didn’t think 9/11 had effected us in Oz that much till the night we caught a train and someone had left an obviously full backpack sitting smack bang in the middle of the seats.

    And the gal? She’d probably have turned out to be a bunny boiler, so your mate’s safe 😛

  2. Jayne – yeah, it’s weird how certain things just kick off an auto-reaction, eh?

    I think the gal was a nice person. Sometimes you can just tell, you know? Some people give off positivity vibes. And I’ve got to admit, if I hadn’t decided to orient myself bloke-wards, this girl would’ve been MY cuppa tea, too. 😉

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