Best Put-Down Ever

Anyone who’s been on the internet for a while knows that there are sad, lonely, pathetic people who spend their precious time seeking ways to abuse, hurt and irritate complete strangers. They’re known as ‘trolls’ – people whose contributions to others are wholly negative and who thrive on arguments and abuse.

But I know a secret.

Want to know how to kill a troll?

Laugh at him or her.

It’s like saying “I don’t believe in fairies” in front of Tinkerbell. They may fight back, but only weakly, then they shrivel up and die. Because a troll gets a sense of self-importance from being nasty and abusive, and goading people to react to them. But self-importance withers in the face of laughter, and as the ego shrinks, the poor troll starts to realise that they’re a ridiculous idiot – and they flee. Mostly.

Anyhow, I just wandered over to Magneto Bold Too. Lo and behold, I found the funniest troll put-down I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out –

Open Letter to ‘Concerned’


11 Responses

  1. Oh thanks babe! Glad you liked it. Just putting a post together now, I KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!! BWAAAAAA HAA HAAAAAAAAA!

  2. they are everywhere at the moment.

    I think it was the recent full moon that lured them out!!

  3. Thou art a wise woman. Oooooooooooooo goodie! Hooker Heels is going to give us some entertainment. GO, HOOKER HEELS!!!!!!!

  4. Kelley – Oooooh, this sounds intriguing… I shall be waiting. Impatiently.

  5. OMG !!!!

    I have seen some stuff in my time, but this really floored me.

    Yay you for blogging this.

  6. I am with Bettina.
    The loons are everywhere right now.
    Lurking, stalking loons.

  7. I should point out, actually, that the truly-mentally-ill are an exception to the ‘laugh and they’ll leave’ rule… but they’re not really trolls, as such, to start with. They’re a whooooole ‘nother kettle of fish, as many of you already know from experience, sadly 😕

    WS – yup, pretty damn pathetic.

    Rhubarb & Bettina – yup, they do tend to come out at certain times of the year. It’s probably astrological. 😛

  8. doesn’t always work. especially not on Usenet, where I do much of my intertube-conversating on alt.slack (the usenet group for SUbGeniuses). we laugh at our trolls all the time, but they thrive under the attention, because laughter means they are getting the attention they seek, even if it is not in their most-favorite flavor.

    and if we gave our trolls lengthy responses like htat, they’d just start spamming us with more passages from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    still, I like the trolls and ask them questions as if i am interested in what they have to say, largely because their “the entertainment industry is run by satanic jewish masons” conspiracy theory is vastly entertaining me.

  9. Loved her post and yep, laughing at the trolls is a good way of deflating their ego bubble 😉
    Except when you have to give their ego a good smack behind the left earhole and a boot up the backside to get the message across 😛

  10. A giggling we shall go.

  11. Dok – too true.

    Jayne – ego-smack IS more fun.

    Anja – *snicker*

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