Musical Monday

I can’t remember where I saw this video recently. So if it was YOUR blog, many apologies for the lack of attribution :-/

This Muppets vid is a classic stomped all over and turned into a classic 😀

Beaker’s Ode to Joy

And I can’t just leave it at one Muppets video, so here’s another – Bubba Boy’s all time absolute bestest favourite:

Mahna Mahna

(once, in a philosophical mood, I made this video into a metaphor of departing from the status quo within a community – what do you think, deep?)

ANYHOW… gotta show you Sandra Bullock’s follow-up…


BAHAHAHA. Love me them Muppets 😛


2 Responses

  1. The Muppets singing Mahna Mahna is my favorite Muppet Tune of All Time!!!

  2. lmao!!!

    got to love the muppets!!

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