Musical Monday

I’d never consciously ‘heard’ this song until hubby started singing it last week.

Now the chorus is stuck in my head. Constantly playing.

So, being the sharing type, I thought I’d see if I could infect a few other people.

I give you… Rasputin, by Boney M.

Now, not only has this gotten stuck in my head… but somewhere along the line my twisty, randomy mind said, “Hey, wouldn’t it sound funny if Elmer Fudd sang this song?

So now I have Elmer Fudd in my head, dressed in harem-pant-ish things, singing “Wa Wa Wasputin, wover of the Wussian queen…”

Dear God. Be very glad I only subjected you to Boney M. Cos it gets pretty ugly in here, some days. 😀


6 Responses

  1. lmfao!!

    You are soooooooooo twisted!


  2. Have you heard Robin Williams do Elmer Fudd? It’s the maddest!

  3. I LOOOOOOOVE this song! My mum used to sing it to me as a baby to get me to giggle. I think she used to do the same thing with Elton’s ‘Yellow Brick Road’ LOL.

  4. ROFL. That cracked me up. Ha!

  5. Bettina – thanks! 😉

    Anja – I must look that up sometime.

    Sasch – Awwwww… 🙂

    Rhubarb – ta! I’m glad it amused… instead of scared.

    Hands up anyone who now has “Wa Wa Wasputin” going through their head incessantly? 😀

  6. lol.

    Infected here.

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