Love is a Great Cup of Coffee

… and it’s even better when it’s Fair Trade.

So I thought I’d do one of my occasional unpaid, unrewarded product plugs.

Last night, I wandered a supermarket looking for decent coffee. Which, to me, means strong, non-bitter, quick, easy and Fair Trade. Preferably organic, too. I guess I’m a pinko commie hippie at heart.

ANYWAY, I was very impressed to find that Robert Timms have brought out a Fair Trade version of their coffee bags. First, I love Robert Timms coffee. Always nice. Their coffee bags were originally a little disappointing, but have improved dramatically in the last couple of years. And now Fair Trade versions? For about 70c more? W00000t!!

I had one this morning. Ahhhhh… YUM. Good stuff.


10 Responses

  1. You’ve convinced me. Fair trade and decent coffee… I’ll give them a go.

  2. I’m currently on the hunt for fair trade chocolate………… but more about that in Friday’s blog entry.

  3. even Nescafe has free trade coffee now – McDonalds are advertising it too!

  4. make that fair trade *blush*

  5. Anja – would love to hear your thoughts.

    Bettina – don’t be offended if I don’t comment on the post for a few days, I’m due to be offline. But I’ll be interested to read about it!

    Helena – really? Wowsers. I need to get out more 😀

  6. Love the smell of coffee but I don’t drink it – is there a fair trade tea?
    Heard there was fair trade chocolate brand Green & Black’s at Coles but I can’t find it at my local store 😦

  7. Jayne – Apparently the only Green&Blacks (now owned by Cadbury) chocolate which is Fair Trade these days is the Orange – from memory. <— I could be wrong, there. Maybe check in the health food aisle. Health food stores can usually get it in, too, if they have a brand name to go with. OR… ebay/oztion!

  8. no problem.

  9. B found this at the Coles in the city – was most impressed! Still hasn’t made it to the Woolies near us, annoyingly.

    I got some blackstar the other day though at the markets, yummy!

    Much easier to find Fair Trade nowadays – no more cranky no-coffee Sasch in THIS house! And Maccas cafe coffee is quite good.

    (BTW – did you hear Kinder (yep, as in Kinder Surprise) is making all their chocolate fair trade by the first half of next year? Bring on Lindt and Cadbury doing the same thing!).

  10. Sasch – McCafe… bluk. never had any luck with the stuff. Fair trade kinder? Good stuff!

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