Addicted to Facebook? Pffft

Once upon a time, I asked myself, “How the hell do people get addicted to FACEBOOK? Maybe they’re just contact junkies…”

Oh dear.

Then I discovered Facebook Applications. These applications are programs that provide all sorts of things – from daft but kinda cute ‘hug your friends’ stuff to big interactive games.

That’s where I fell from sniffy pride.

You know how I occasionally rabbit on about card games and other kinda-RPG-but-not-quite stuff? Well, imagine something similar on Facebook, and you can probably see where I got hooked. Or, as I put it the other night – “I can make people cry without leaving the couch!”

Here are my favourites:

Triumph is a modern-day war game. You start off with a small plot of land and some money – the point is to attack other players to get land and money from them. More fun than it might sound (but then, I like making people cry). Bring me into a game like that, and I tend to cause chaos. Within two weeks I’d embroiled my alliance in an almost-all-out-war and caused another alliance’s friends to turn on them and attack them. BAHAHAHA!!

My other favourite is quite a bit different. Evarium is a cute little ‘evolution tank’ that sits on my profile and displays cute lil multi-coloured amoeba thingies (critters, to use the correct terminology). They wander around, have sex, make babies, and die. I don’t know why I like this app so much (the critters don’t cry)… except maybe that the colours are pretty and it’s interesting to watch. Hmmm.


3 Responses

  1. so you are the triumph queen?


    everyone needs a hobby…….. including world (facebook world) domination 😉

  2. Sounds like an MSN chatroom and shooting down the trolls to make ’em cry 😛

  3. Bettina – yup, world domination queen, das me 😛

    Jayne – yeah, without most of the swearing!

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