Lolcats at the Ekka

Part 2 of my attempt to make lolcats relevant to world events… or at least local ones 😉

(for non-Queenslanders – the Ekka is Brissie’s big agricultural and fun show, it’s on at the moment)

Never let your cat explain the Ekka to your show cattle:

6 Responses

  1. LOL
    They are great ! 😀

  2. Isn’t the top picture just an ordinary sight in Brisbane?

  3. The top pic was front page of The Courier Mail – we cut it out and it hangs on our fridge at this point in time.


    (The newspaper headline was ‘cars mooooved before he even used his horn’ tee hee!)

  4. lol!

    You’re really getting the lolknack of it!

  5. Jayne – thanks 🙂

    Anja – *snicker* Plenty of snooty cows, not so many bulls 😛

    Sasch – yep, the Courier Mail were at the top of their journalistic game that day!

    Bettina – ta!

    I’ve gotta admit to loving the ‘and dey makes dem into cheezburger’ one… coz they pretty much do. Poor bulls!

  6. I really love that last one 😀

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