Brisbane and Sydney: A Quick Comparison

Evil Rainbow Sugar Addict Thieves

I’ve never seen rainbow lorikeets act like this in Brisbane. They flew down, perched on my table, warned me not to interfere, then nicked my sugar. And ate it. Right in front of me. Then tried to nick another, threatening me with a quiet disembowelling from the Possum Mafia. Anyone you know, Jayne?

Potato Scallops

Everywhere in Sydney. Proper potato scallops (potato cakes to Victorians)! Not the weird floury potato-ish things common in Brissie. Actually hot, not warm, cardboardy and flaccid. Heaven.


It’s rare to find good chips in Brissie. Why? Too many health-conscious types? Too much moisture in the air? Too hot for chips?


… turns into scales. Damn dry air.


6 Responses

  1. The Rainbow Lorikeet show is because the frigging developers have ripped every bit of habitat away from them and inner city people have started planting grevillea (sp?) This brings the birdies in. Also, people have got the native birds hooked on sugar by giving them bread and sugar. Yes Naomi, they are sugar junkies.

    Potato Scallops? I was unaware of this, as I do not eat them.

    Chips, I hear you. We went to this wanky restaurant in Southbank and were charged an arm and a leg for a criss cross pattern of french fries. In Sydney you don’t have to look far for fat ass chips. 🙂

    Skin, bathe in moisturiser. 😦

  2. Yep, people are planting the wrong natives and the wrong species of birds are invading the ‘burbs. Those Rainbow Lorikeets have more front than Myers, we get them stripping our fruit trees here and calling me every name if I dare to pick any fruit myself.

    I had noticed the possum mafia were quiet around here of late, so they’ve moved to Sydney?

    Hmmm potato cakes, yum, haven’t had one for months…must get The Spouse to grab me one today 😛

    • Are you in Brisbane? Where can you get them from?

      • Hey Sooze,

        Potato scallops in Brisbane? Some fish and chip shops do have them. Umm… Nifty’s in Milton do a decent scallop. Hot, too. Somehow Sydney ones tasted better though.

  3. Mmmm….potato cakes. Takes me back to my high school days. After school (or lunch time when I was in year 12) on a cold day. 50% grease I’m sure but pure heaven!!! It’s been a looonnngggg time since I’ve had one (not sure if they even make them here in SA).

  4. Anja – yeah, I was sitting there watching them, thinking “the tourists must love this” and “this must be a bad thing ecologically…” simultaneously. Damn, that made my head hurt. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed the chip thing. I wonder if someone’s written a thesis on it, somewhere?

    Jayne – quite rude little critters, aren’t they? But so brightly coloured that I bet most people forgive them anything. Suckers.

    Lightening – no potato cakes at all??? EEEEK! Although I’m wondering if ‘none’ is better than ‘lots, but really bad’…

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