Old and Grumpy?

It’s a chick’s worst nightmare.

No, not looking in the mirror and realising that black hairs have started sprouting on your chin – although that sucks too.

It’s waking up and realising that you’ve turned into a Grumpy Old Woman.


My moment of realisation?

I got to work, started to make myself a cup of coffee, and found that the cleaner in charge of doing the dishes had put the BIG spoons in the TEASPOONS section of the cutlery drawer. I growled and told myself it wasn’t exactly difficult, dammit!!! Then I froze.

I’m a grumpy old woman.

With hairs on my chinny chin chin.

7 Responses

  1. Did the spoon situation feel as bad AFTER the coffee?

    If not, it was just caffeine craving. No problemo.

  2. Don’t worry about it. I say wear it proudly. At least that is what I tell myself as I slowly evolve into a dirty old man.

  3. I was watching the tv show Grumpy Old Woman the other night and when I realised I was agreeing with every thing they said I admitted I was a Grumpy Old Woman, too.
    Though The Tribe have been telling me that for years lol 😛

  4. I’m so there with you 😀

  5. my hubby’s been telling me that for years too lol

    You’re in some good company 😉 lmao

  6. what do you expect when you entrust something as insignificant as spoon placement to someone other than yourself? it’s insignificant, so of course it will not be done to any particular specification.

    also, I like aging. I long for the days when I can be a Grumpy Old Man rather than just a Paranoid Asshole. Grumpy old men are endearing and entertaining with their strange beliefs and archaic ways, where as paranoid assholes are kinda creepy and unwelcome.

    I want more grey hairs. I want wrinkles. I am tired of being young.

  7. Bwaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaa! Off to check my chin for hairs…

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