More Fiction, and Muse – Where’s Pete?

All my muse will tell me about Pete and Wendy, after Gangsta Wrap, is that Pete’s in hospital somewhere – and there’s a cute cop sitting next to his bed. Dammit. I’d demand a new muse, but this one’s actually pretty good, if a little erratic.

So the latest fiction isn’t about Pete and Wendy, but about Zara and her new friend Parlie. If you’re up on the story so far, check out Piped. Otherwise, have a look at Suicide Blue and In The Program to catch up.


3 Responses

  1. I shall trot over forthwith !

  2. More good reads, thanks. I’d love some feedback on a couple of mine, i f you are ever so inclined. I’ll send the link privatley if you are !

  3. Rhubarb – definitely! Please do. Although I might not have anything intelligent to say 😀

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