Where the Hell IS She?

My attendance here and round your blogs has been a little bit patchy lately.

I do have a damn good reason. A couple of them, actually. But I need a couple of hours to sit down with my computer and type up a proper explanation.

In the meantime – here’s a post I wrote ages ago, which might give you a laugh…

Aussie Translations – on the Aussie Bloggers blog.

It’s something I knocked together in about half an hour because my deadline was looming and the post I had planned required a few hours of solid work to put together all the research I’d done. And no, I still haven’t collated that research. Umm, whoops? Anyway, the quick put-together kinda shows, I think, but it’s still got the capacity to amuse. I hope! 😀

3 Responses

  1. That was a great post. If I might impose on your hospitality a bit. I will give a Texan interpretation of your phrases.

    Texan: Howdy partner, hows it hangin’?

    Texan: Is that your truck? I just pissed behind it.

    Texan: I’ll take some sausages, some flat bread, and a six pack.

    Texan: Fuckin’ A, I’m shitfaced!!!

  2. and I’ll pitch in some Southern

    Southern: How y’all doin’?

    Southern: You might not want to walk barefoot on the lawn for a while

    Southern: I’ll take half a pound of keel-bassa and some buns, please.

    Southern: THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN! ::falls off stool::

  3. Thanks for those translations, guys – ROTFL

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