What Does a Punk Wear in Summer?

I’ve been looking around the shops, pondering my summer wardrobe.


While I’m not overly fashion-conscious, I’m CLOTHES-conscious. In other words – I like to look good, in my own idiosyncratic way. Which is kinda hippy-punk, if you can imagine it.

This season, though, I’m in desperate need of cool clothes (Queensland gets stinking hot, folks). Why? Because I stretched everything while I was pregnant, and last summer I just had to cope with looking crap. But stuff that for a joke this time round. I do NOT like fitting in perfectly, looks-wise, in Ipswich. It’s embarrassing.

So anyway… looking in the shops, and boho is back in a big way. Dunno if they’re calling it boho this time around, but it’s lots of flowy cottony stuff with lacy bits here n there.


Me and ‘feminine’ have never gotten along too well. And this stuff just screams ‘feminine’. All of it. It does, at least, kinda shout ‘hippy’ as well, I guess. But definitely not ‘punk’. And I’m not sure it’s even whispering ‘Naomi’, unless it’s also whispering, ‘come over to the dark side… we have make-up!’


Classic punk tartan miniskirt?

Nope. HUGE nope. Too cliched and, well, not a good look on anyone past a size 10 – in my humble opinion. Although I’m tempted to go try one on and take pics, and post them here. Just for the fun of making other people cry 😉


7 Responses

  1. what does a punk wear in the summer? Whatever it damn well wants!

    I used to be overly clothes-conscious when i was younger, spending too much money on big flappy coats and stompy boots that i was convinced would somehow express my inner weirdness to those around me. after a while, i decided to dress in an unmarked dark-colored t-shirt (usually grey or burgundy) and black slacks all the time, figuring the weirdo that stands out th emost in their minds is the one they don’t see coming.

  2. Mmmmm… I’d wear my black jeans, but I’d die of heat exhaustion 😛

  3. “Come over to the dark side… we have make up”

    That’s freakin’ classic, girl. 🙂

  4. The dark side has makeup?

    Be afraid, be very afraid. lol

  5. Anja – *snicker*

    Bettina – well the good gals like Anja and I wouldn’t have it, would we? At least, not in daily usage 😛

  6. i would just wear skater clothes b/c all that black is too much heat. . .

  7. I live in minnesota- the land where you can get sunburn and frostbite in the same week. When it’s hot, I tend to wear shorts with interesting tights or leggings. Lace, stripes, fishnets, etc. With converse, platform sandels, or (like me) just go barefoot until you get kicked out. Lol.

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