Modern Publishing and Promotion

I may not think of myself as a particularly good writer, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to promote Nomesque Fiction. Because… well, maybe it’s my sadistic side coming out… *snicker*

So I’ve been pondering, lately, ways to promote the site. I don’t want to be rabbiting on about it on this blog more than necessary – telling y’all about the miseries of a writer’s life (aka whingeing) is one thing, telling you about a new story is another thing… but blatant ‘read my fiction blog or you don’t love me!’ stuff just isn’t me. Besides, there aren’t THAT many people reading this blog 🙂

Brainstorming has given me a couple of ideas, but not necessarily the method for bringing them to fruition. I’m thinking that a parallel podcast or vodcast might be an interesting addition. Because let’s face it – not everyone reads for fun these days. I’d like to provide PDF downloads of completed storylines… but ummm… I don’t have any at the moment. They’re ALL still hangin’. Ooops. The character-blogging thing… didn’t really work. Blogging as a character is bloody hard. Something that I should keep doing now and then though, whether people read it or not. Because that’s a skill I really need to work on. Parallel graphic-novel? Great idea if I could draw. Bugger.

What do you think? If you were trying to interest more people in your fictional work, how would you go about it?


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