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In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a little obsessed right now about writing, and alternative methods of delivery, and promotion of my fiction, and all sorts of other poncy stuff.

One thing I’ve done is to put a bit more of an effort into social networking.

“Oh FFS!” I hear you mutter. <– Frankly, that’s usually my response to the phrase ‘social networking’ when uttered by a blogger, too.

It’s not that bad. I’ve started a Writers/Readers group on Facebook, called Indie Fiction (you might need to log in to Facebook to look at it). I’ve decorated my MySpace profile and added a feed from my fiction blog. And I’ve started a MySpace blog which I’ll update occasionally with random raves about writing that might save Nomesque Life readers some pain and boredom. THEN, I started a page for Nomesque Fiction on Facebook. <– It doesn’t sound like much, but it allows people to become fans, and allows me to send them updates without making a pain of myself 🙂

I’m not sitting back waiting for the millions of eager readers to suddenly pour into my life, though. I don’t think these moves will reap huge benefits. But then, I’m not ready to become a celebrity just yet. A few more fans would be nice though 😉

There was a point to this post. Honest.

Ha! I remember it, too.

First – feel free to friend me on MySpace and/or Facebook. But if you friend me on Facebook, please tell me who you are (if it’s not bleeding obvious), or you’re likely to go on my ‘people I play FB games with who might take advantage if they have too much info about me’ list by default.

Second – a list of things I’ve done to promote my fiction blog without being rude or intrusive (I hope):

  • Published a feed on my Facebook profile
  • Configured that feed to publish short ‘news feed’ updates every time I publish a new story (this appears in friends’ Home pages)
  • Friended a LOT of people (although this wasn’t premeditated – they were friended as part of FB games I was playing)
  • Set up a ‘writers and readers’ Facebook group to help connect people who write independent/amateur fiction, and people who want to read it
  • Created a Facebook page for Nomesque Fiction
  • Set up a MySpace page
  • Published a feed on my profile
  • Started blogging on MySpace

I thought I’d list those steps for one main reason – so that others who’re interested in doing similar things can give me a yell and ask, “How the hell did you do that?” So if you’re puzzled but interested, do give me a yell and ask me. I don’t bite hard 😉


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    I’m a poet and a Novel writer, I hope we can be friends and share some knowledge together.

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