I Fell in Love

It was a Monday night.

Australian Idols were singing for their lives.

Australian Idol hosts were doing the usual lame suspense-y stuff.

And then Metro Station came on stage.

The music SUCKED. I’m tempted to blame the TV (30 years old) or the Aussie Idol sound equipment – it does seem to do shocking things to apparently ‘fantastic’ performances at times.

Regardless of who’s to blame for the crap music, THIS appeared:


How could you not love that face? 😀


6 Responses

  1. I’ve never seen Austalian Idol but if it is anything like American Idol, the best part of watching it is making fun of the lousy singers.

  2. Evyl – well yeah, there’s that in spades. Although it can be a little painful if you actually LIKE music, you know?

    That said, I think Metro Station provided the crappiest performance of the night.

    PS. I think I just read that the above bloke is Miley Cyrus’ brother??? Hrrrrm.

  3. I was just about to say – you’re falling for Miley’s brother???!!!! People get taken out of friends lists for MUCH less than that! LOL.

    (Ok, so the tat is nice. But still – A CYRUS!!! NOME!!!!).

  4. You’re kidding!

    that’s a Cyrus?


  5. Nope, sorry. All I saw was the facial piercing – ewwww. Have missed Idol over the past couple of weeks so no idea what’s happening.

  6. that’s a piercing? i just thought he needed a tissue.

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