New Fiction

Nomesque Fiction has a couple of new Computer Blue stories:


They met again the next ‘morning’ – 8am by Zara’s new wristwatch. She’d also located the clothing store, and dressed herself in an outfit labeled ‘1960s retro’ – a red miniskirt and a bright, swirling, loose top which almost covered the teeny skirt.

“Wow!” Parlie said, circling her, “you didn’t waste any time, did you? Sure you need my help?”

Zara grabbed his arm, and thought a loud YES.

“Oh – kay, then, glad I asked!” Parlie said mournfully, and rubbed his arm. “Now – fun’s over girlie, we need to work!”

“Yay!” said Zara, and clapped.



“So what’s the deal with Barry?” asked Zara through a mouthful of chocolate sundae, “Ummm… I don’t get fat from eating this, right?”

Parlie snickered.

“No, you don’t get fat from eating,” he said, eyeing her ostentatiously, “but a bit more fat on those bones might be quite scenic…?”

Zara aimed a mock slap at him.

“Barry, on the other hand,” he said, sobering, “well… he’s been here for years, right? Almost as long as me. Some people say that bits of his personality got corrupted when he was transferred in here.”



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