Musical Monday

Romance, rebellion, revenge… this video has it all! Oh yeah, and it made me laugh.

Erm… I didn’t notice much about the music it was showcasing, the video was too distracting… 😀


4 Responses

  1. My speakers died on me yesterday and I’m not up to speed on lip reading yet 😛
    So I’ll just play charades with the vid 😉

  2. LOL Jayne!

    On the bright side, I think while the music helps, the vid works fairly well on its own 🙂

    PS. Hope you get some new speakers soon. No sound can really suck on the internetty-thing!

  3. love the video!! lol

  4. Some happier, newer version of Les Mis???

    Dr Marin makes me think of my husband – especially the tanty.

    And I think I went to school with Jeff. He being the one who surreptitiously changed our DVD of ‘The Hiding Place’ (good, noble story of Christian survivor of the Holocaust’ to ‘Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail’ (altogether irreverent and crude) during an English class.

    Ni!! NI NI NI!!!

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