Writing 101

Very, very occasionally (like, almost never) I come across someone more cynical than me.

No, really!

And just to prove it, here’s a post from my latest cynical encounter-sharer…

Writing 101

What’s the difference between a creative writing instructor and a whore?

Answer: a whore provides you with tangible service for your money.

Almost made me turn my keyboard into a small coffee-lake, this guy did.

Check out the article – especially if you’re an aspiring writer.


3 Responses

  1. Fellow cynics, unite!

    Twenty-five years of being a professional author will make ANYONE a cynic. Thanks for the plug, mon, much appreciated…

  2. Cliff – Yup, I can see how 25 years of doing this professionally WOULD turn a person very, very cynical… 🙂 And you’re welcome.

  3. Don’t have to be an aspiring writer to appreciate that line either lol

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