Now That’s Just Nasty

Police say a man in the US has been arrested after receiving sexual favours from a vacuum at a car wash.


Receiving sexual favours?

Vacuum cleaners can do favours?

The mind boggles.


And that’s just because of the way it was reported.

Sex with a vacuum cleaner? In public? Is this one to cross off the bucket list, or something? An abiding fantasy? A deep desire to become the next spokesman for GE?

Or was he just too cheap to pay a human, and thought he’d strike a blow for AI rights? In which case, shouldn’t the vacuum cleaner get a say?

7 Responses

  1. Because the skanky hoover ho obviously expected payment first before it would put out – or suck it up!
    I wonder if it charged extra for the deep carpet fibre suction or had a going rate he haggled with? 😛
    Weird arse men and their fantasies!

  2. this is the second mention of vacuums and mens appendages that I’ve heard in a week….. must be something in the air………

  3. Awww, I came to make a smart ass comment and they have been taken.

    Snooze, you lose I guess.

  4. it’s called Objectiphilia. People get fed up/disillusioned with the complexities of getting sex from another human being and reach foranything of the right shape that they can just put on the nightstand afterwards.

    the bloke was probably cheating on his Dirt Devil, in other words.

  5. note to self: buy another vacuum. must have backup.

  6. Jayne – skanky hoover ho… ROTFL

    Bettina – something in the air? Damn, someone somewhere wrote something about food/drink that smells like a vacuum cleaner… and I can’t remember who. This is gonna bug me now.

    Evyl – *snort*

    WS – terrible, isn’t it? Happens to me all the time.

    Dok – the objectphilia I can cope with (altho those beanie babies with huge penises are just ODD) … but man, RENTED objectphilia??

    Red – good idea, they’d probably get manked up fairly fast. 😉

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