The Coffee or the Cup?

Now here’s an interesting dilemma…

You’re a young female (that might take some imagination). You have breasts (again). They’re not quite as big as you’d like.

You love coffee. Possibly long walks on the beach, too, but that’s irrelevant.

You discover – to your horror – that coffee makes your breasts smaller.

What do you do?

This nasty little dilemma was brought to my attention by LeechBabe on the Aussie Bloggers Forum. Thanks, love! 🙂

Link to the study


11 Responses

  1. Hm, Yes I am a female, but gave up coffee 13 years ago now….. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

    But I am thinking if it was something I REALLY liked, I would decrease the frequency with which I had it.

    I can say that because I have an overly large bust, so I would LIKE it to shrink a widdle.

  2. bit of a non event for me this poll………… i don’t drink coffee! lol

  3. I’m a caffeine addict and I have itsy bitsy titsies. *sniggers*

    I love my coffee, small boobies is hereditary. No giving up on coffee for this girl.

  4. I would immediately double my coffee-intake. I would LOVE smaller boobies….

  5. I’m a caffeine addict with pulchritude that has rivaled every woman I’ve ever had feelings for. and a beard! Some kinda weird hormonal thing from back when I was a kid, possibly, or perhaps I’m just lucky.

    I can tell ya, the coffee does nothing to make them smaller. but if i was a female and disappointed with my secondary sexual characteristics and found out that coffee made them smaller, i would accept it. I wouldn’t give up something I loved just to fit some absurd cultural standard of beauty/sex-appeal. supporting notions to this include:
    1) relief that less mass = less for gravity to pull downwards as I age
    2) if anyone I’m nice enough to show them to complains, they’re obviously not nice enough to get a second look, and may earn a hot coffee in the face.

    the assumption that Female-type Dok Holocaust would be just as cantankerous as male-type is based upon the fact that I largely take after my mother in terms of how I deal with other people (mercilessly) and my father in terms of how I feel about myself (if I’m not dead, I’m winning!).

  6. I’m buying the push up bra and moving on…. well not really because I’m currently in a DD cup so have no need for the pushup bra quite yet. But I’m prepared for the day with my wonderbra 😀

  7. Where can I buy this bust-shrinking caffeine beverage?!

  8. WS – wow, 13 years coffee-free! That’s impressive.

    Bettina – umm, well, yeah 😀

    Anja – yeah, there are some sacrifices that just aren’t worth it

    TC – LOL

    Dok – I think you’re just lucky 😉 Presumably Ms Dok would be just as cantankerous, the female hormones never stopped ME…

    Leech – good lil girl scout there, being prepared 😉

    Jayne – at your local health food store, on the ‘Not Really’ shelf 😀

  9. there is Missus Dok Holocaust, and never will be. there is, however, a Ma Holocaust, the Darth Mater, Queen of All Undeads, and my cantankerosity seems like beatific docility compared to hers.

    she’s Kali. not in the personification of time and change sense, but in the gore-stained-fangs displayed as she stands atop a mound of skulls sense. I fear her even now, when she is thousands of miles away, and also revere her as the source of my own Doktorial powers.

  10. nup! not giving up coffee ever! :p

    gratuitous post! I really just wanted to complement you on the new blog design – it looks great :d

  11. Dok – Sorry, Ms Dok was in reference to you in female hormones.

    Helena – thanks! I get bored and shuffle it around every couple of months 🙂

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