Someday I’ll have to count the number of posts I’ve made with that title 🙂

Anyhow, this is just to say that my body’s run out of steam.

I’d been feeling remarkably (for me) energetic for the last few weeks. Apart from the virus and miscarriage, anyway. Err, sigh. But I’ve noticed that I have a cycle of feeling better, doing more, feeling good, feeling less energetic but still doing the same amount, then – SPLAT.

I splatted.


5 Responses

  1. Have a regular nana nap.
    (((hugs))) I didn’t read about your sad news earlier, hope you feel better soon and your bits behave themselves for you.

  2. On top of the almighty hormonal swing of miscarrying you have also had a virus to contend with and your cardiac issues are on top of that. Rest as much as you can. With work, home and a boisterous bubba boy, I’m sure that’s easier said than done. Take care, honey.

  3. Oh bugger…that’s no good..
    I just popped over to tell you that your blog was on “the recommended reads bit” in google reader. i just thought you’d like to know..
    xxx kim

  4. Oh babe. Take it easy. I know it is hard when you start to feel good and then you try and push yourself to make up for lost time. But what happens? Splat.

    Hope it is a short lived splat.

  5. Jayne – thanks love *hug*

    Anja – well, yeah. Somehow I always ignore good reasons for taking it easy.

    Kim – hey, thanks for letting me know! I wonder how that happened… *lol*

    Kel – thanks luv. Yeah, it’s a bad habit I really have to lose.

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