Nothing to Say…

… so I thought I’d show you embarrassing photos.

This first is me in the morning. Pre-coffee. Scary, huh? Now you know why people do what I say. Weird hair colour? In the middle of bleaching it from black (dyed) to bright blonde.

This is me now-ish. new hair colours. Nice and bright, to go with my standard black clothing. If I buy anything else, ya see, I risk having it clash with my hair in the not-too-distant future 😉

7 Responses

  1. I don’t show up right on film or other recording media, so there are no pre-coffee pictures of me. i come out all blurry and distorted like unto a picture of Bigfoot (or the aussie equivalent thereof – Sasquatch-folk are everywhere, so you’re bound to have some, and may have mistaken them for overly hairy tourists or troglodytic creeps).

  2. Awesome! You would totally go with me and my not supposed to be black hair, Moo and her black and green and Too with her purple!

  3. You know what’s freaky?

    I work with a senior Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist/Obstetrician who has the EXACT same hair colour at the moment!

    She’s one of my fave surgeons at work – and she reminds me of you a lot.

    Looks awesome babe.

    (I need you to give me hints as to where to put a ‘word’ tattoo on my body. Completely stuck for ideas!)

  4. beaudiful!

    no seriously, it looks awesome Noms!

  5. Dok – Huh… interesting. Explains such a lot. *ponder* We don’t really have many ‘giant hairy man wandering out in the bush’ stories. Bunyip, though?

    Kel – not-meant-to-be-black… geez I have NEVER managed that one! What the hell happened?

    Sasch – between shoulder blade and spine, if it can go downwards (instead of across). I should point out I haven’t finished my coffee yet! 😀 Otherwise… top outside of thigh? Like, a few cm under the hip. Easily hidden, but visible in swimwear or short shorts? Exact colours eh? Hmmm, ah well, not that original I guess 😀

    Bettina – thanks gorgeous 🙂

  6. quite possibly. some ecosystems will only support moderately-sized hairy people.

  7. I am so JEALOUS !!!!!

    I would LOVE hair colour like that. Mine just does not take, simple as that.

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