Cocking a Snook

In a fit of randomness, I decided to look up ‘snook’ in the dictionary. Huh. It’s a fish!

1   /snuk, snʊk/
–noun, plural (especially collectively) snook, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) snooks.
1. any basslike fish of the genus Centropomus, esp. C. undecimalis, inhabiting waters off Florida and the West Indies and south to Brazil, valued as food and game.
2. any of several related marine fishes.
1690–1700; < D snoek


Here’s the definition I was expecting:

2   /snʊk, snuk/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [snook, snook] Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a gesture of defiance, disrespect, or derision.
2. cock a snook or cock one’s snook, to thumb the nose: a painter who cocks a snook at traditional techniques.
Also, cock a snoot.

1875–80; orig. uncert.

… although I was hoping for a little more information on its etymology!

So I wandered over to Urban Dictionary:

1. snook

a pimp; someone who gets a lot of pussy.
Jesse is never home, I wish he wasn’t such a snook.

2. Snook

One who ditches friends to do something much lamer.
Jake: Guy where’s Larry going.
Jonas: He’s leaving to watch a movie with Bryson.
Jake: Man what a snook

3. snook

v. to snook. to victimize (slang UK)
verb = snooks
note: the noun form of snooks refers to an idiot or fool. Also not to be confused with snookered

bob: I set up my gf real good?
cindy: how?
bob: I snooked her with a polygraph test when she least expected it.
cindy: you’re a snooks

4. snook

To blindside or sucker punch someone in a sensitive region, most often the balls.
I was about to leave when the bitch snook me with the old up and under trick.

5. snook

n. (1) Criminal, (2) bitch, or (3) an exclamation made to annoy someone.

v. (1) To steal from, or (2,3) any sexual verb.
1. I’m glad that snook went to jail.
2. That fucking snook took my lunch!
3. (The teacher starts to teach) and the kids (yell “snook!” at random times to annoy her).

1. I heard Johnny snooked {from} the library.
2. Yeeeahhh i got snooked last night…
3. So, do you wanna snook sometime after school?

6. Snook

To Fart Virgously, all the time.
Wow kid, don’t Snook in my area.

7. snook

1.) A bowling term used as an adjective or verb when the bowler gets ripped off on a shot that should have been a strike.

2.) The expletive used when such an event occurs.

3.) A word used during bowling to induce a humerous effect, normally hinting at a false action of something vulgar or sexually explicit.
Boy 1: Come on! That was a great shot!
Boy 2: You really got snooked on that one.

2.) Son of a snook! That snookin’ pin should have fell over!

3.) Hey, last night I totally snooked my dog for two and a half hours.
synonyms: ripped off gyped cheated swindled tricked.


Aren’t you glad I did that?

It’s also a town in Texas. Man, those explorers had a sense of humour.


9 Responses

  1. And my mum thinks ‘Snook’ is a term of endearment to burden me with.

    NEVER again!

  2. I knew the term of endearment and the gesture of defiance but the “farting vigorously” one is completely new to me.
    But I shall borrow it and use it vigorously 😉 😛

  3. I have just one question…….. why are we cocking it?

  4. I am snooked after reading all that.

  5. now I am totally confused.

    I think I may get a goldfish. And call it Snook.

  6. Fantastic! I can use ‘Snook’ as an insult and people with think I am being nice to them!


  7. Sasch – I have heard it used in endearment as ‘snookums’ (although I would barf if someone said it to me).

    I wanted to ask why we were cocking it, but bettina beat me to it.

  8. If one combined the #1 and the #6 definition of snook that would be one hell of a guy.

  9. 1. Any country gal (or guy) should know that you cock something before you pull the trigger 😉

    2. Def #1 + Def #6 from UrbanDictionary? Cripes, a Putt-Putt Pimp?????

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