Aussie Groceries

I noticed, rather sadly, that a business I frequent is on the verge of closing down due to lack of custom. Sadly, because they’ve got hold of a great idea and have great, friendly customer service.

Only Australian Groceries sell *WAIT FOR IT!* … groceries which are Australian-made and/or made by Australian-owned companies. They have a fantastic range. They can deliver to your door (via courier) in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sydney and perhaps other places (check out the website). They can deliver via Australia Post to anywhere a parcel postman will venture. Delivery charges are great considering they use a third party – from $4.20 to $9.00 per 25kg via courier, and (apparently) discounted AusPost rates elsewhere. Check out their delivery charges page.

Did I mention they’re VERY competitive in their pricing? AND they give their customers freebies. I LOVE freebies. One time it was chocolate. I LOVE LOVE LOVE free chocolate. Another time… a macadamia oil beauty pack. *drooooooool* Fantastic stuff. OK, I smell a bit like a nut, but I’ve always sounded and looked like one, so nobody notices.

Visit Only Australian Groceries


3 Responses

  1. oh that would be a real shame.

    some blog bling for you at my place

  2. Oh I’ve never heard of them before!
    I shall go forth and drool read through their goodies!

  3. … they will mail your groceries to you? what about eggs? they’ll send eggs through the post?

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